Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I am still on the table runner kick, I finished this one last night and have a simple pinwheel block one cut out for this week.

I am still having so many issues with the quilting part, I love piecing but when I try to quilt I just feel it doesn't look right. But quilting with a machine is like drawing  by moving the paper instead of the pen. Some people pick it up right away, but others of us have a lot of difficulty.

This weekend was freezing here. Memphis shut down because of the snow, but snow down here is not snow, it is a sheet of ice and slush. Even after honing my driving skills in Rochester and Pittsburgh winters, I still was not prepared for this.

At least now it is nicer out, and the sun is rising when Evie goes to her bus stop (across the street). Today was the first day I let her go by herself, I just watched from the window. She was very responsible, looked both ways, and met her friend (bus stop is in her friends driveway). Sometimes its hard for me to grasp her growing independence. No matter how old, she's still my first baby. I wonder if it will get easier with Serena.

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