Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On the bookshelf

So I went to the Library today, which means for me I am getting settled. It's the little things that start to add up to "This is my town".

I like Hernando, which is why we chose it. It has a great downtown area, alot like Granville, Ohio, where we lived after we were first married. I am starting to find all the comforts of home here. Friday I hope to hit up the local history museum. I find it interesting the town and county are named for Hernando Desoto, who it has been said died here, but historians argue over if it was here or the other side of the Mississippi in Arkansas.

I am also meeting people, Monday is Quilt Guild, which I am so excited about! Oh, and the girls are settled in. Evie has a best friend here, and plays with the neighborhood girls. She misses her friends from TN, PA, and Ohio though, and often asks about everyone. I hope we can get some friends down this summer. Next on my list is to find a babysitter.

The library had a great selection, I found 2 books on Mississippi quilts and quilters. I love how each area has a different feel, different style, of quilts. I can't wait to start the books. I also found an amazing book by Kumiko Sudo with Omiyage patterns, which I am going through now to pick which projects I want to try.

Today was a lazy day, a happy day. It seemed to all click today,like I almost know where I am going. I have explored the roads a bit, know what road takes me where (for the most part) and am building my map in my head. I can't do GPS, which drives Kevin bonkers, but I have to create a map in my head, that is drawn as I drive around.

Other than that, we started talking about the possibility of a maybe working on  kid #3.....

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