Friday, February 5, 2010

This weeks projects

Sew..... I have  been busy this week, I finished this table runner

The pattern was called Dutch Treat and was a pattern with fabric I bought in the quilt shop last year. It was fun and fast to do. I also started working on my sister in laws wedding quilt, which I just started cutting out, and while trying to get through my scraps, I found I had A TON of steelers fabric, so I threw this togther

It's lap quilt size, so I am going to add a black border to get it closer to bed size for my nephew, since I made quilts for the girls and my neice this past fall.

I also did this for Serena, since S day was today

She loved it! I need more practice with applique, and want to take a turned applique class eventually. I just realized with this project that if you put stabalizer under the tee shirt it is easier under the maching. I should have known that! Oh well, live and learn!

Serena has a class pet "Hopper". He's not real, (thank goodness) but we have to take pictures and write what Hopper and Rena do this weekend. His first trip was after school to the Chinese Buffet. Fridays Kevin works from home, so he comes with me to pick up Rena from school and we do lunch.

So when we got home this afternoon, we read about frogs. Rena decided he was cold and needed a blankie, so we went through my scrap bag to see what a from would like, and Rena chose this fabric, because it would camouflage Hopper so no one would eat him when he was asleep. We also made him a little pillow. He had a nice nap with Rena and is ready for what the rest of the day brings.

The other thing that has occupied my week has been this amazing book, Mississippi Quilts, but Mary Elizabeth Johnson. The Mississippi Quilt Association did a heritage project, and documented quilts around the state, putting them cronologically in this book, telling the story not only of the families that owned these quilts, the women who made these quilts, but also of Mississippi and the nation itself. I am so glad they did the project, I have learned so much from the book.

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