Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ring Slings!

I am working on slings (a ring sling and a mei tai) I *hope* to finish in the next few days. To practice folding and sewing the ring sling, I made one from scraps for the girls. Rena loves using it for her stuffed turtle.

front of carrier with turtle

back of carrier with rings

She has been "practicing" being a big sister with her turtle and sock monkey. She has decided that she will not change Bubba's (what they call the baby, so I guess Bubba will be his nickname) diaper but will talk to him when I change and will watch him when he is in his swing. We are all excited, only a few more weeks!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Xmas part 2

Done!!! OK, so I didn't sew a bunch this Christmas, but I am trying to sew a few things for Vasili before he gets here in January! I am working on 2 slings and some baby sleepers right now, but just finished 2 LGD Claire bags

The one that is mainly music notes is for Evie's piano teacher, the brown is for Serena's classroom teacher. If it wasn't for Evie's piano teacher, Serena would not be at the school she is now.

Today was Serena's school Christmas program. Instead of just doing it for the parents, they went carolling at a local senior living center!

First they sang a few songs for residents in the lounge.

Then they went caroling through the halls so they could meet all the residents. It was super sweet!

I am just so impressed with her school. They do a lot with and for the community, and what better way to teach the children Christ like love for others than by example?

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Sew, I've been spending time doing crafts with the girls and in my sewing room a lot, and have forgotten to at least blog a bit about our projects! First, I was part of a swap. we send each other fabric we have on hand but haven't used, and then whoever gets our fabric makes what they can out of it. My swap partner sent me these absolutely beautiful batiks...

front of bag

back of bag


Of course, the wallet is LGD's Wonder Wallet. The purse is a pattern from Liberty Star, the foldover bag pattern.

I also made coffee cozies out of scraps (thanks to my cousin Alexis, who sent me Christmas fabric to make her scrub hats, I had enough scraps to make a few of these!)

I did a few of these last year, but since we were in Pittsburgh I used Steelers fabric. It is SUPER easy, you just take a cozie from your fav coffee shop, trace it, add 1/4 for seams, than use that pattern to cut out 2 pieces of fabric, and 1 piece of fleece, 1 interfacing or 2 pieces of craftbond. sew, invert, edge stitch around, fabric glue ends together like cardboard one was, and you're done!

Then fill with candy! and if you can, a little gift card to the coffee shop.

Finally, the project we did for our family. We are trying to keep this Christmas simple, so we decided to make gifts. We made a huge batch of Salt dough for ornaments, used our big Valentine's day heart cookie cutter.

you just have to remember to poke a hole for string before you bake, than after baking we glued little wallet size pictures we printed at Walmart, wrote the year with sharpie on the ornament, and mod podged about 6 layers. Hope everyone likes them!

We also made a bunch of ornaments with our Christmas cookie cutters for our tree. The girls had a blast, not only working with the dough, but then painting and adding glitter. Of course, a week later, I am still sweeping glitter out of the kitchen...