Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Crafternoon

We watched up again last night, it is a great movie, but everytime I see the opening I end up in tears. Especially the scene where they are wishfully dreaming about children, and then it cuts to her crying in the doctors office. I was lucky, I had my girls fairly easily. I did take clomid with Evie, but it worked for me on the first round.

But I have a lot of friends who are trying, and have been, and are going through rough fertility times. It is not just one or two friends, but about a dozen, and it sucks. I know how badly these women desire children, a family. I hope they all find it somehow. Be it going through IVF, Surragacy or adoption. I wonder who will end up adopting, though I hope for all they end up happy. I know everyone I talk to going through it are going to be wonderful parents when the time comes.


FYI, I also cry at the end when Carl is at Russel's scout meeting watching him get a badge.

Evie has 2 good friends in the neighborhood she plays with, so today we made little purses for them since yes, I am still working to get through all my scraps one way or another!

I embroidered their first initial on the bags, and made a little wallet to go with each. The pattern is a great stashbuster, they are from lazy girl designs, the bag is the Runaround bag and the wallet is the Wonder Wallet, I altered it to put a zip in the back for coins. I have made a ton of these bags and wallets, they make great gifts, and if you do charity sewing the wallets and bags are always appriciated by foster care agencies for teens and tweens (along with tote bags too.) They are really quick to sew. I am a huge fan of LGD.

They loved them, and Evie loved giving it to them! They really are sweet girls. I love that there are girls on the street for her to play with. She has been having a rough time at school with a few girls.

Evie came home Friday and said that there are three girls that tease her and call her names. She said it bothered her sometimes but she walks away. She also said they do it to a lot of kids. I know my Evie, she is sensitive. So I started to write an email to her teacher.

Then I thought about a little girl I once had when I taught Elementary School. She was a fourth grader named Jawhara. In her class there were a group of 4 girls that would pick on some of the others. Jawhara would just ignore them, and still always be nice. If someone needed a pencil, Jawhara would let them borrow one of hers, handing them whichever she was using, even if it was her favorite at the time. One day at Recess, the group turned on one of their own, because she tooted. (this is fourth grade, remember the drama) The girl, Hana, was devistated, crying and yelling at the friends who were laughing. Jawhara put down what she was doing and went to her, took her hand and walked and talked to her. It didn't matter to Jawhara that Hana often teased her, or that Hana refused to lend her an eraser when she had several in her desk. Jawhara only cared that right then, Hana was hurt. By the end of recess Hana wasn't crying. her friends stopped teasing her about tooting. I wish I could say she was nicer to Jawhara after that, but she wasn't. But Jawhara didn't care. She was happy just being Jawhara.

I want that for Evie, for her to be kind to others regardless, be nice and polite to all. To be giving and caring. I hope we are showing her this path with our words and actions. So for now I told her to just be kind, sometimes kids are mean, but don't let it get to you. Of course being mom if things escalate or it begins to bother her I am down at the school the next day...

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