Friday, January 29, 2010

Wrote a song about it, wanna hear it? here it goes....

I don't know why I have been thinking about this David Allen Grier character for a while, maybe it is reloctating to the Blues area or America.

But anyway, It's Friday. Kev works from home on Friday, and both girls are in usually in school in the morning, so it is quiet time. However, today there was no school because we have been hit with a wintery mix (cold rain with some slush). So we are all at home chilling. Kev is still unpacking the office, Rena is playing cars in her room, and Evie is in her "art studio", which is the sunroom that has been overtaken with the girls craft supplies and some toys.

Evie was all sorts of upset today when there was no school. Mainly because she just got her new Bento Box last night for lunch.

During the week, I can only really sew at night, after the girls are in bed. OK, so here I sew a bit on Monday and Weds and Friday mornings if I don't have errands and both girls are in school. It is a little piece of heaven to be able to go to the grocery store by myself. Anyway, this week I did a few little projects, the first being last night when we got Evie's Bento Box. I made napkins from some scraps.

This is Evie's BentoBox from laptop lunches. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to make reusable snack bags to go into the lunch bag I had made her. I have been making sandwich wraps for a bit, and thought it would be great to be able to pack a lunch that was less wastefull and saved money (baggies are expensive, and when they go in school lunches they end up in the trash) soooo.... after finding out that reusable snack bags are cute and good for occasional use (I'll still use them for Rena's snack) They are a complete pain to clean, and sometimes things get crushed. A friend from the mommy board I am on suggested laptop lunches. Evie picked out the flower one, and the set came with everything you see (except the napkins, which I made) for $40. I used the code ideal55 for 20% off.
The napkins are just 2 12 1/2 inch squares sewn together. I made about 8 last night just because I love using up my scraps!

Here is a table runner I made for my sister in law. She changes her decor often and for each holiday, so I have made her a few runners for her buffet or dining room table. This is from a kit my mother in law bought me last year from The Quilting Squares Quilt shop in Franklin, TN, where we lived at the time. If you are ever in the area, it is the best shop ever! Seriously, They have a dollar fat quarter bin that is always full, and a clearance area. This kit was 50% off because it was after Valentines Day. Plus the ladies there are awesome. Can you tell I miss the shop? It was my second home when we lived there!

This isn't the best pic, but I made a charm school bag from keykalou designs.  I love her patterns, my favorite of hers though is still the lots of pockets.  The fabric came from my friend Chris, who a few months ago sent me a huge surprise package of fabric she had. Some of them are huge pieces, some fat quarters, but nothing was smaller than a fat quarter! Some was her grandmothes, some she had bought for projects and never got around to using. This fabric she had the most of, over a yard in pieces. I like how the bag came out! It was a project for my mommyboard, they have a fit club and us crafters donate prizes for the winners.

I am also working on another table runner, I hope to be able to post it next Friday!

Sew, what is on your cutting table?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Love the table runner. May have to try some of those once I move into my Mom's house:)