Friday, February 26, 2010

A house divided...

OK, not really. I finished making a quilt for my sister in laws upcoming nuptials. See, we all went to Penn State. Her future husband, however, is a Florida Gator. Being from Pennsylvania, a lot of people we know went to Penn State. He felt outnumbered. He is a huge Gators fan, and we, of course, are PSU fans. Now Krissy has a lot of PSU tees and stuff. Dave has a lot of Gators tees and stuff. In fact, in their bedroom, he has a tiffany style Gators lamp on his night stand, and she has her Penn State lamp. So, since when I asked them at Christmas what colors and style they wanted for their wedding quilt they never answered me, I took their alma maters as inspiration and came up with this, the house divided quilt...

her side is Penn State, his Gators. It is totally obnoxious, and king size for their bed. It was a quick sew, I could only find 3 fabrics for each school so I did a simple rail fence. It is ready to mail off the my machine quilter. I use Quilting Stitch based in MA. Check out her prices (and tell her I sent you if you use her). She does a wonderful job and is the most reasonable priced quilter I have found. 

So now I am back to my scraps, I hope during a sew along tomorrow to do a few baby quilt tops... we'll see!

Happy Sewing! 

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