Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zippered Wonder Wallet

So today I finished the girls little purses and wallets for Disney! Yes, they are Lazy Girl Design's Runaround bag and wonder wallet. I have to profess my love for LGD patterns, especially these two, which I make often for gifts. I do add something to the wonder wallet, a zipper in the back!

So I thought I would write out step by step how to do this. THIS IS NOT A WALLET PATTERN, just how to add a zipper. I recommend the wonder wallet pattern to everyone, if your local quilt shop does not carry LGD patterns, beg them to, or check online. I have gotten a few from ebay with free ship. You need a 7 inch zipper.

cut out as instructed, but instead of a six inch long piece for the outside or a 12 inch piece folded, you need two that are at least 7 inches long, fold in half and press right sides together. (plus a 6 inch long one for the lining)

Take the bottom piece (here purple) and sandwich the zipper in the fold, sew.

Flip and press, sewing your top stitch

Take the top fabric and sandwich the zipper, sew

This time, the front is pressed up and the lining piece is pulled down, so when you open the zipper you see the right side of the fabric.


This is how it should be.

Then take your lining piece (6 inch long one) and mark as directed in the pattern. Pin it to the right side of what you just did, keeping the marks just above the zipper.

Pin, and you can cut off the excess fabric.

From here on out, just follow the pattern. Super easy! Just remember to stitch over the zipper a few times to reinforce it.


  1. Pannay (what a cool name!),

    Thanks so much for doing the tutorial for the WW zipper insertion. It's very much appreciated.

    Dee in FL

  2. Thanks for the zipper tute. I've been wanting to figure out a zipper pocket for the wonder wallet just haven't got around to, so now I don't have to. Thanks a bunch. SharaLee