Thursday, March 11, 2010

This weeks Projects

Well, most of what I worked on this week I can't post, because it was for a swap. :(

I did make my purse for our upcoming trip to Disney. It's a hipster bag, has a zippered top and zippered side compartment, and the back has a solid pocket. I have made a few of these, they sew up really quick and are great roomy bags. Here is the free pattern from craftster!

This Wednsday I was at Evie's school to be THE QUEEN OF QUILTS. Last year I did a little book and presentation for her preschool class on Q day, and this year her super wonderful Kindergarden teacher let me come in. This week they are studying Q, so I brought my book, along with the shirt I made to wear as Q ambassador

It was just an iron on applique, I used the heavy duty wonder under. I read the book to them, told them why Q was my favorite letter, then gave the class 2 things I made, the first being the super reader cape

It's hard to see, but I embroidered SUPER READER on the back. They each have to read in front of the class each week, so I thought the cape would be cute. They totally loved it. I also made a small quilt for the reading area of their classroom.

I only had time to do a rag quilt, Rena picked out the fabric. Visiting Evie's classroom made me really miss teaching. The kids were wonderful, after we talked about shapes and what makes a quilt, I gave them some materials and let them design their own quilts. It was a blast! Of course, I forgot my camera at home...

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