Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tunica, MS

So this week is Spring break, and I have two little girls home and bouncing off the walls! my Sister in Law was here with her puppies this weekend, so Monday we stayed home and hung out. The girls had a blast with their aunt and the puppies ( a golden and a boxer, sweeties)

So yesterday we decided to try to find the indoor pool in Tunica, just south of us. A few moms have told me about it. Tunica is a delta town, which means there is not much there. But they started building casinos in the area, so there are some really nice casino funded things down there. There is also a great outlet mall. For some reason Casinos and Outlets go hand in hand.

To get to Tunica you take all highways. It takes about 35 minutes from Hernando. There is not much in that area besides swamp and casinos. Someone said that the casinos float on the water because that is the law, but I don't know for sure. I do know that if you got lost in the marsh, you would become a bog mummy. Scary to think that if you took a wrong turn or walked away from your car you could go missing now only to be found a thousand years from now preserved, a window for the future into our time. I thought a lot about Vegas, the city in the Desert. Tunica is the Vegas of the south, the city in the swamp. The signs for the casinos are bright and obnixious. One has a Paula Deen restaurant advertised. The rest advertise easy slots. Everyone else on the road is over 70 at least, heading to the casinos. Where there isn't a Casino, there is agriculture. Some fields are being prepped for the growing season, some are abandoned. A few houses that dot the road are abandoned, being eaten by the kudzu that is roaming all over the south. Some are still lived in. There are apartment complexed by the casinos, maybe for the workers. The small towns have names like Dundee, which is not only the town name but the last name of 99% of the residents.

After all the casinos is the actual town of Tunica. You can tell money has been infused recently, they build a huge Ag Hall in the last decade, a Tunica Musuem, and the Community Heath and Fitness Center. This is where the indoor pool is.

For a town as small as Tunica and as Remote, the Heath Center was amazing. The indoor pool had an olympic size swimming pool

See the nice digital display? This pool was just nice. It was also fairly empty. I paid $8 for all 3 of us for a day pass, which is unbelievably cheap. The best part, at least for my girls, was the kiddie area

When it was open it was fun, but after about 2 hours there, someone took a dump in the baby pool, so it closed for cleaning.

Today we are going to try the Memphis Childrens Museum, but the girls said they can't wait to go swimming there again!


  1. I believe it is the law about the casino's on water. Been to Tunica once can't say as I was that impressed with the place :) I'm over in central Arkansas and my husband and I were just talking that we hadn't been to Mud Island in a long time and maybe we needed to take a weekend trip and go sometime in the next month or two before it gets hot.

  2. Wierd. Glad to meet another quilter!