Saturday, March 27, 2010


It has been a busy past few days. Yesterday Evie had her first playdate, which went wonderfully. Not only did the girls have fun, but her mom rocked, so I feel like I made a mom friend in the area! Yeah! It's nice to meet cool moms. Now I just hope that Rena can meet some friends to have playdates with. I have reached out to some of the kids in her preschool but so far no dice. Oh well.

Today was Evie's first soccer game, and she loved it! Even though it was exhausting. She actually played Celia's team, the girl she had a playdate with on Friday. I got to meet another one of her school friends, who is on our team.

He is really sweet, all the girls call him their boyfriend.

Evie and a friend from school.
The team!

Now how cute is this????  He wanted to wear it to play in.

Now if we get them all star wars helmets to wear for games...

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  1. Great pictures! We are in the midst of soccer season too!