Thursday, April 1, 2010

spring tote

Most seasons I buy a few fabrics I really like and make a few matching bags for myself so I can change on need. So here is my spring tote. The pattern is  here. It is also in the Winter issue of Quilts and More, one of my favorite magazines.

I love the shape and it holds a lot. So this is my new running around with the kids tote, then I have my shopping cross shoulder purse, and my sweet purse I made last week. I have only scraps left of this fabric, so I am making more accessories. I recently bought the Maggie Bag pattern from Lazy Girl Designs. I kept passing it by until I saw an article about a woman who made them as treat bags for her daughters birthday party, embroidering the girls initials on the back. Then I had to order the pattern! I made one for my camera

These are such easy to make, cute little pouches! I am going to make a few more for the cords and things I have laying about, so I can find them more easily when we travel. They take such little fabric, and scraps of batting. I also plan to make them for the girls birthday party for treat bags, of course!

I am waiting for 2 quilts to come back from the quilter, so I can bind them, and planning out a few table runners from fabric my mother in law bought me to make her some from. In May I want to start another big quilt, and tomorrow I hope to begin work on Amy Butlers Weekender bag, which I started then put aside last year! In two weeks I have to send my machine in for cleaning and service, which means 2 or 3 weeks of no sewing... wonder what I can get done before then....

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  1. Hey! I'm that woman! The one that made the Maggies with the initials for my daughters party. Imagine my surprise to see me mentioned in your blog. WOW!
    They are fun and easy to make though, aren't they. Just love them!