Friday, August 26, 2011


I have not screen printed in AGES. But the girls wanted special Doctor Who shirts for their little viewing party tomorrow night, so we worked on Dalek tees. At first, they were suppose to be tardis tees, but we had major issues with the tardis artwork, So we switched to Daleks. We did the cheap easy screen printing, which you can do too!

Embroidery or quilting hoop (mine was the 8", $2.99 at Hancock Fabrics)
Piece of organza or similar fabric
fabric paint
paint brushes
mod podge
painters tape
saran wrap
tee shirt

1. Put the organza in the hoop. make it tight. place your artwork on the table, tape the saran wrap over it and tape it down. Put your hoop over your artwork, tape that down too.

2. take your mod podge and paint the clear spaces, where you don't want there to be ink. you will need small brushes to get the little bits.

3. Let the mod podge dry. Check for any areas that were missed. Here is your screen!

4. Put the tee shirt on a piece of cardboard so it is flat and stretched. place the screen on top. You can tape it down so it doesn't shift.

5.  put a glob of paint on the screen. I use a paint brush, a hard bristled one, to move the paint around.

6. gently lift the screen up off the tee.

Let dry for about 24 hours. don't wash for about 48. Enjoy!

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