Friday, August 12, 2011


I am trying to teach my 7 year old to sew, we have done a few projects from books, and she is getting better each project, but we hadn't tried hand stitching yet! So the other day at Walmart I found a packet of make your own yo-yo's on clearance for $4.50. It was a big piece of fabric with printed circles you cut out and the stitch marks are already there! You cut, press and sew. I think I might go see if they have more. Evie needed practice cutting fabric, so this was perfect. She cut out a few, I pressed them for her and showed her how to stitch along the lines. She was soooo proud of her first we hot glued it to a headband!

She is frantically making yo-yo's, and wants to do hairpieces for her friends and has designed a yo-yo necklace she wants to make too.

I can't wait for my 5 year old to become interested in sewing too. But since she isn't, I can share her latest artwork...

This is me and the children at the grocery store. I am the sad face with curly hair in the middle. Serena is on the left, being crazy. Evie is on the other side yelling at Rena to stop being crazy in the store, and the baby is the little red face at the bottom sitting in the cart flirting with all the ladies in the store. Yup, that sums up mommyhood.

Oh, and here is a tote I finished to maybe use as a diaper bag...

I fell in love with the robot fabric...but it is a little obnoxious for everyday use!

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