Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Sew, I have been busy these past few weeks. Well, not quite. I have been trying to squeeze in some sewing. I did manage to do a few bags. The first is the June Messenger.

It is HUGE. 20 by 20, created for a friend. It has an adjustable strap, and a pieced flap. This is the front.

I did a zippered front pocket instead of just opened pockets under the flap. The inner compartment is HUGE, and I added a row of pockets to the back so she could find things easier. I also did a little cell phone pocket on the side.

I also completed the Studio Kat Designs Quattro Bag. I fell in love with the pattern after reading about it on LGD's Blog.

The pattern is written more like a dressmakers pattern than a quilters, but it was actually easier to follow than I thought, and I am pretty pleased with the results. I can't use it as a diaper bag, it's a little too small, but it is my new go to purse when I get to go somewhere by myself! The pockets are awesome. Seriously, the zipper front fits all the makeup and first aid stuff I carry, the sides fit keys and cell, and the front pouch is great for quick grabs. the interior is really roomy too.

I am trying to decide which Studio Kat Designs pattern to try next!I have a few things lined up as next projects. The girls go back to school on Thursday, so next week I should be able to sew during Bubba's naps!

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