Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Library Book

I took The Glass Castle out of the Library a few days ago, and got a surprise discussion along with my read.

Someone who had read it before me left little post it notes with their thoughts on them. That struck me as odd. I like to discuss books with others, but usually don't. I do still read a bit, I have to read before I go to sleep, always have. So now I am not only enjoying the book, but wondering who left the post its...

Speaking of Libraries, if you are in Hernando, our Quilt Guild president Teresa just put up a display about Vintage Sewing in the front display cases.

I am heading out there tomorrow, when the girls are in school. I have to return a few things and have a few things on hold, and next week I will start taking Bubba to storytime there. What would we do without good libraries!


  1. Must be so interesting to read someone else's comments as you read that book! My BFF sent me a book once with all her thoughts on sticky tabs throughout the book and it was so cool to "read a book" with her and see if we laughed or cried at the same parts!

  2. Love this idea of sticky notes. I've always written and underlined in my own personal books...