Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Go Mama! Diaper Bag

Sew... after doing the StudioKat Designs Quattro Bag, I decided I really like the front pouch detail. I love the Quattro bag I made, and use it when I go anywhere without kids. I still need to carry quite a bit for the bubba, so I started looking for patterns with a front pouch I liked. I found this Go Mama! Diaper Bag Pattern on etsy. Here is how mine came out...
front of bag

back of bag

side view

inside with pockets, 3 on each side.

It's always a gamble when buying patterns from etsy. You never know how well the pattern maker will explain the directions, or how well drawn the pattern itself will be. This pattern was easy to follow and well written. I did make a few changes, I did 2 sets of pockets on the inside, and instead of just folding down the top edge I lined the pockets. I also lined the back zipper pocket. I think when I do the next bag from this pattern, I might stich the front pouch into 2. The bag itself is wonderfully huge. I am totally in love with the shape and back zippered pocket. The designer only has 2 patterns for sale at this time, a cloth diaper and this bag, but I am hoping she comes up with a few more patterns!

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