Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tutorial, Giant Messanger purse with Zip front pocket

This bag is huge, but easy and fun to make. I didn't take a lot of pictures in process, so I hope the directions are really clear!

2 - 20.5 by 20.5
2 - 30.5 inch strips (sides and bottom)

2 0 20.5 by 20.5
2 - 30.5 inch strips


to make a pieced flap, cut the following 20.5 by
6, 3.5, 12
1 20.5 by 20.5 piece for lining

2 - 4 inch strips
1 inch strips of craft fuse

Front Pocket
20.5 by 12

cut fusible fleece for all exterior pieces
cut fusible interfacing for interior pieces (not too heavy, so it moves) also for pocket pieces.

also need
22 inch zipper
magnetic snaps
1 inch or 1 1/4 inch square ring
1 or 1 1/4 inch buckle

1/4 inch seam allowance.

1. assemble the flap pieces. Sew the side pieces together to make 1 large strip for exterior and 1 for lining.

2. iron on fusible to everything but the straps.

3. Use a cup to make the bottom corners only of the body, flap, and lining pieces rounded.

4. pin the flap front to flap lining right sides together , sew sides and bottom, clip edges, press so right sides are out, topstitch.

5. Fold in half, mark center. then mark 5 inches from center on each side, 2 inches up from bottom of flap. this is for your snap placements. put top snaps here.

6. take zipper and 2 20.5 by 12 inch pieces for your zipper pocket. pin to one side of the zipper, right sides together to make a zipper sandwich.

7. This is tricky. Make sure the open edge of the zipper is at the end of the fabric, so the little metal stop won't be in your seam. Then you have a little bit at the end that will be over so the heavy metal stop will be cut off after sewn. Sew together, flip and press.

8. topstitch.

9. Fold this pocket in half, mark center. measure 5 inches out each side of center, 4 inches up. Mark, then place your bottom snaps here. test before actually putting them in to make sure they match up with the flap ones! only go through the top layer of fabric with snaps.

10. pin pocket to front exterior piece, matching sides and bottom. trim the corners of the pocket. Stitch the top part of the zipper down close to the edge, then go around the sides and bottom.

11. Take  the long strip for sides and bottom, match up center seam to your center mark on the pocket, pin right sides together. Your strip might be a wee bit longer than the bag body, that's OK, you can trip that later. stitch.

12. Take bag body back, fold and mark center. Line up center with seam on sides and bottom, pin in place right sides together then stitch.

13. Repeat with lining, leaving a 5 inch opening in the bottom of one side to turn.

14. take flap, mark center on flap where it will attach to body. mark center top of bag back, line up and sew in place at 1/8 inch.

15. sew the 2 4 inch strips together at an angle if you can. Press seam open.

16. Press in half. Then fold ends in so you have a 1 inch strip.

17. Cut off an 8 inch piece.This is for your ring. stitch 1/8 inch on both sides then fold in half, place ring in loop and use your zipper foot to stitch close to ring. Then, measure 2 inches from bottom and mark. This is where you line up to attach to bag body at sides, centering it up. After you topstitch the bag, make a square to anchor this part of the strap.

18. the strap left, take one end and fold it down so there is no raw eddge. then add the 1 inch strips of fusible interfacing. edge stitch 1/8 inch on both sides. at raw end, measure 2 inches from edge, then line that mark with bag body at side, stitch down at 1/8 inch.

19. Attach body and lining, turn, press, topstitch. anchor the straps. Put your buckle on your long strap, then take that through the ring front side to back side. Bring the strap to the buckle center, attach it using your zipper foot. Take it slow here, and make sure it is tacked down well. Pin first to make sure everything is correct and not twisted.

20. Slipstitch opening in lining closed and there you go!

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  1. Oh my goodness! This bag is great! I love the colours and I think it should be a snap to make. Thanks.