Thursday, May 12, 2011

Teacher Gifts!

I can't believe the school year is over already! I am ready for Summer, and I know the girls are. It has been a roller coaster year, especially for Serena.

With all that we went through, I came to realize a few things. The first being is that a good teacher is worth their weight in gold.

Teachers don't just teach. How a teacher treats children can effect their emotional well being for the rest of their life. Think about it, when you look back on your education, can you remember a cruel teacher? a nice teacher that changed you? I know one of the reasons I love to sew is my middle school sewing teacher Mrs. Hank. Middle School is an awful time for pretty much all kids. She not only taught me how to sew, but encouraged me to keep at it. I would get a pass to visit her class during study hall to learn more from her. I was devastated when she retired after my 7th grade year. But because of her, I asked for a sewing machine of my own for my 13th birthday and got more involved with sewing with my grandma and great grandmas, which created wonderful memories for me.

So if a positive experience with education effects a 13 year old, think about what a negative experience can do to a 4 year old. Yeah, not pretty. Which is why after finding Serena's current preschool, I am more grateful to good teachers. Her teacher at Carriage Hills Baptist, Mrs. Jan, rocks. She was able to guide and direct Serena in positive ways, which actually taught her how to better handle situations like waiting her turn and interacting with other children. I hope Kindergarten next year goes as well!

So for Serena's teacher I wanted to do something extra special, so I made her a quilt

It's a 50 by 50 lap quilt, done with Civil War Repro fabric. Teresa Pino, our guild president and new owner of a long arm quilter, quilted it for me.

I love how the quilt finished. She like it to. It takes me so long to piece a quilt because I never have longer than a baby nap to sew! But like I said, a good teacher is worth their weight in gold.

For Evie's piano teacher, I made a big beach bag

I found this jazzy music print a while ago and it took me forever to figure out what to do with it. As you can see, it could easily fit my sewing machine in it.

I know Serena will be OK in Kindergarten because I trust the school. I have meet most of the teachers and the support staff at the elementary school. I feel lucky to live in an area with excellent public schools.

Evie had a really sweet teacher this year. Our school has a teacher and assistant in each k and 1st classroom. For Evie's teacher and assistant we made (her choice, and she helped sew the borders!!) little wall hangings

In the center I printed a class picture on fabric then just added a big border for the kids to sign and draw on!!

I am looking forward to next school year, but for now we are sooooo ready for summer!

Happy Sewing!

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