Friday, May 13, 2011

May sewing

I had posted a post about the gifts I made for the teachers in our lives, and how good teachers are worth their weight in gold, but it was lost :( So here are the projects again...

Giant beach tote for Evie's piano teacher!

Lap quilt for Serena's preschool teacher. She meant so much to us this year, and truly is a teacher worth their weight in gold!

For  Evie's teacher and assistant we made this little wall hangings/table toppers with the class picture in the middle and all the kids got to draw or write on the border. Evie helped stitch it together!

Last Sunday for Mother's Day and my birthday Kevin bought me something I have wanted for a long time... a serger! Hancock's had a great little Janome on sale, perfect for a beginner like me! Of course, I also hit up their clearance fabric and found this adorable M'liss city signature for Hong Kong and had to make my little Vasili an outfit...

Also bought the London version! Working on a Hawaiian print one right now, but got sidetracked today with wonder wallets for a few little friends of Evie.

Happy Sewing!

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