Friday, May 13, 2011

An even lazier way to install a zipper into a wonder wallet

I am a big fan of Lazy Girl Design patterns, and end up making a ton of wonder  wallets for gifts and donations. I like adding a zipper to the back, and originally wrote this tutorial to do so.But being a little on the lazy side, I came up with an even easier way!! This is not a pattern. You need the LGD wonder wallet pattern already to understand what is going on here, but you can use the same general principal to add an exterior zip almost anywhere!

First, cut out your pattern as normal, and sew the main piece as directed, turn and press. Cut an additional piece, about 5.5 by the the width of the wallet. Fold that piece right sides together, press, place around zipper and sew

Then flip and topstitch

on backside of wallet, position about 1/8th inch down from edge of the top of the wallet, and stitch close to the zipper top (in the pics my pocket piece is longer than the wallet itself...)

It actually helps a lot if you stitch all the way around at 1/8 inch seam allowance so it doesn't shift when you sew the inside pockets.

lined zippered coin pocket!!

stack and add your interior pockets like normal, and viola!!!

Super easy!!


  1. Nice!!! Can't wait to try one out myself!

  2. That does look easy - I'll try it on my next Wonder Wallet. Thanks for posting.

  3. I posted this same procedure on my blog a couple years ago and Joan asked me to remove it. Someone asked me how I put a zipper onto the back of my wonder wallet as well...We even wrote it the same way! Maybe you will be able to keep your directions on your blog...


  4. fabulous. I have the pattern already and will try it out today! Anything to make a zipper easy works for me.