Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stash Buster girls skirt

Let me see if  I can get this all down while Bubba is taking a nap!!!

So, I did 2 versions of this skirt last week, out of random sized strips. If you are a quilter like me, you probably have strips hanging around. I always cut what I can from leftover fabric, especially yardage. I know I can use 2 1/2 strips for binding, but will trim the edge so I have a strip of whatever is left, sometimes its 1 1/2 inches, sometimes its 3 or 4. None of these strips were more than 4 1/2.

Our neighbor on the left is wearing the plain skirt, which I did a tute for yesterday. Rena in the middle is wearing the vertical version, and Evie at the right is wearing the horizontal version. It's all a matter of preference. I did Evie's horizontal because I needed at least 42 inches around. :) From here on out, I'll go with Evie's measurements.

To start, just like the basic skirt, measure around the waist. My daughter Evie is a size 10, her waist is 26. Then measure the hips. If it is for a child, it might be the same as the waist, Evie's was 29. Then measure from the waistline to where you want the skirt to hit. Our measurement was 20 inches. 

Since this is elastic waist and not fitted, it doesn't have to be perfect. You need at least 12 inches more around than your largest measurement (hips or waist), so I wanted the final piece of fabric to be 44 inches wide by 20 long. The more you add the fuller the skirt. Yes, I rotary cut. Then I cut 2 pieces 44 inches by 4/2 for the ruffle. You need about twice as much width in the ruffle to make it full.

 Start by sewing the strips together, randomly for that scrappy look! As you sew, press seams in one direction. (you will be stitching the seams down, so you want it to be uniform and going in one direction.)

Here is my final piece of fabric, pressed. This was for the vertical stripe skirt. I was able to cut this in half and make 2 skirts! Everything is pressed nice and neat! After pressing, TOP STITCH each seam, so you go over the seam. This will prevent fraying. You can do a decorative stitch or a straight stitch. When you are done, trim the fabric ends (I used my rotary cutter and straight ruler) then do your side seam. If you are doing horizontal, topstitch the seam. If vertical, don't worry about it.

For the the ruffle, take your two pieces of 4 1/2 inch strips and sew the ends together to make one long strip. Then, bring the other ends together and sew to make a big loop.

Take the loop to the ironing board and fold in half, wrong sides together.

press seams open while you press the look in half.

take to  sewing machine and topstitch around the fold. Then at the raw end, start at one of the seams and do a long gathering stitch to the next seam. Do a second gathering stitch from the second seam back to the first, so you will gather twice, once for the front and once for the back. It's just easier. start by pinning one of the seams from the ruffle to the seam of the skirt right sides together, then take the other seam of the ruffle and pin it to the opposite side of the skirt (there isn't a seam, so estimate). Then gather ruffle pinning as you go.

Once gathered and pinned, take to the machine, go back to a regular stitch and stitch down. 

Press  seam towards skirt, then go back and topstitch. This will keep the ruffle down and also help prevent fraying.

Now for the waist. You can do it as in the first skirt, or you can do another really super easy waist. Take a strip of fabric 2 1/2 inches wide by the width of your skirt plus about an inch. Fold in half and press wrong sides together. Press the raw ends in about 1/2 inch.

pin to top of skirt, making sure ends tough but don't overlap. Stitch right sides together, press to shirt and topstitch.

Take your elastic, take it through your tube. Overlap about an inch and stitch elastic together. You can either whip stitch the opening closed, or just add ribbon around the elastic and make a pretty bow!

All Done!!!

So from the $13 of fabric I bought at Cotton Treasures a bit ago, I got 2 basic skirts, 2 vertical skirts and a horizontal skirt. 5 skirts. $13. Can't beat that!!!

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