Monday, May 16, 2011

Nursing cover tutorial (giveaway ended)

Sew first, the tutorial!!

My girls were both born in Ohio, were everyone nursed, and in public, so we would cover up with a blanket or just make sure nothing was showing and it was no big deal. Here it is a little different. Modesty is a big deal, and while nursing most moms cover up with a nursing cover if they have to be in public. Most times, moms find a private place and still cover up. Being a plus size gal, the store bought (and even mail order) covers did not work well for me. I need just a little more cover. So I made a few of these...

They cover everything, and when Bubba squirms he can't "expose" me!


1 yard fabric
2 1 inch D rings
1/2 yard boning

Start by cutting a 4 inch strip of fabric for the straps. The body piece is about 24 inches by the width of fabric (usually 44) I just trimmed up the salvages. I say about, because if you are taller or bigger boobed, you might want a little longer.

Start by hemming the 2 sides and bottom.

I have a roll hemmer for my machine (which I love) but if you don't, just press about 1/4 in, then again for your hem.

Take your 4 inch strip

fold and press in half

open up and press edges in towards center

Then press those together. press both ends inward and catch them in the folds to create 2 finshed ends.

Cut a piece about 9or so inches off, so one piece is longer than the other

Take the top and roll and press 1/4 inch

Then roll over and press again about an inch down.

With a washable fabric pencil mark the center of the boning and the top roll. Place so marks meet up and pin.

about a pinky width away from the edge of the boning, put the straps in raw side into the fold. push it into the end, then fold over and pin.

Sew the bottom of the fold first, about 1/8 away from the edge.Then do the top. This step is tricky because of the boning.

then go back and stitch down the sides of the straps.

put on your D rings(I start at the bottom of about an inch and a half fold, then sew in a square getting as close as I can to the rings)

and you are all done!  Thread the D rings with the free strap and you are set to go!

Now, I made this cover specifically for this tutorial, so I am going to GIVE IT AWAY. That is right, if you would like to win this lovely larger nursing cover made with Thomas Kincade Pinocchio fabric (I kid you not, I know it is super tacky, but trust me, every old lady will compliment you on it! I have a matching one!) All you need to do is:

follow my blog! then...
Leave a comment, it can be about nursing, motherhood, sewing, crafting, or just about anything!

That's it, so if you are already a member, just leave a comment! The random number drawing will be Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. central time (a little later if I am feeding Bubba at that time!) So entries are from now until 6:00p.m. central time on Wednesday!!!

Happy Sewing, Happy Nursing!


  1. I'm sure you knew I was going to comment, since I'm nursing nursing nursing. It is all I ever do these days. I think this is a great tutorial, if only I could sew! *sniffle*

  2. I will be nursing in July after my little girl arrives :)

  3. Us plus size gals need all the help we can get! This is so cute Pannay!

  4. Hee Hee! I am NOT old and I love that fabric! But that may be because my Mom was a Thomas Kincade lover. No need to enter me in the draw (my babies are almost as big as me!) Hope your winner enjoys it!

  5. I'm a lot like you...I'm displaced from Texas, love to sew and I am currently nursing my 6 month old. Have also nursed my other kiddos...have four boys total (10, 6, 2 and baby)!!

  6. Thanks for entering all, it is now closed, now to draw numbers (which is asking one of the girls to pick a number from 1 to 5...)

    5! Congrats April, I'll email you for an address!

  7. April, if you could email me at pannay at yahoo dot com with your address!

  8. I do not seem to find boning anywhere. Is there a substitute for boning in this tutorial?

  9. They have it at Joann's and Hancock, you have to ask for it, it's usually hidden on a bottom shelf by the elastic! I can't think of anything else that might be a substitute though....