Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teaching Time

My 6 soon to be 7 year old has decided she wants to learn how to sew. I was waiting for this day, with both excitement and dread. How was I going to teach the basics? I remember a little from when I was starting out, 30 some odd years ago. I started with the parts of the machine, and the tools she will be using, Then went to sewing lines on paper. She was really good at following straight lines, so I went to Kids Learning Station, a place I usually go to find worksheets for my preschooler. They have scissors skills worksheets, and we used those for her to stitch curved and zigzagged lines.

We're done for the day, but I promised her next weekend we would start a project together, like a little bag (thinking of doing LGD's Maggie Bag because it is so simple). I also ordered Sewing Machine Fun For Kids to help me teach her.

I hope I am doing OK! I want her to love sewing, and one day quilting, as much as I do!! Does anyone have stories of when they learned to sew?


  1. I know for school we did a really simple square throw pillowcase (3 pieces total, 1 for the front, 2 for the back that slightly overlapped) and drawstring bag with pocket. First project for 4-H was also a drawstring bag, but no pocket for that (slightly different string arrangement, I think). I ended up using both to carry gym clothes for school.

  2. GREAT idea! She is adorable BTW!

  3. It's wonderful that she wants to sew! My granddaughter who just turned seven April 8 wants to learn as well. Since I have very few teaching skills I was wondering how I was going to remember everything I need to show her and the right order. Now I can be a copycat and order the book that you are using. Thanks for the info on the quilt shop. Hopefully, I can get down there soon.