Wednesday, April 20, 2011

triple play skirts!

I am short on time and looking for easy projects. Not just for me, but for Evie to try her hand at. I came up with these, three easy skirts!!

The first is a pillowcase style skirt, the middle is a vertical stripe and the third is the horizontal version. They each take about an hour, and all three were made with fabric I got from Cotton Treasures last week. Let me tell you why this is important... Out of the fabric I bought for $13 on sale, I got 5 skirts. Yup, 5. Insane!!!

I am currently writing the tutorials so YOU can make these skirts. I used a couple easy tricks to help a beginner, like my Evie. She did a lot of the stitching. The tutorials will be posted after Easter!

We're off to hunt Easter Eggs! See you next week!!

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