Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well, a dog had puppies under a storage shed where Kevin works.

It was hard for Kev when he realized that there was no animal control or ASPCA in Helena, Arkansas where he works. This means there are a lot of strays, and local teens will shoot or torture the strays for fun. Pretty horrible. The momma dog has stayed in the fenced campus (chemical plant and research building) avoiding that fate, but who can control the puppies from roaming when they get older? There was no place to help find homes for them. So, like the big softee he is, Kevin brought the pups home this past weekend Thursday since they had weened. The mom is being taken care of by the workers, they are taking her to the vet to get fixed and have a dog house for her they placed further away from the storage area. They are hoping to find a home for her. I met her last week when we went down to see the pups, and she was the sweetest dog.

The mom was very affectionate with the girls when we visited, which made me think she was abandoned.

During our visit, the pups came out, and when Kevin asked if we could bring them home to find them homes in our area, how could I say no?

Because there were six, we put a blankie down in the garage for them, and gave them a bath. Here they are clean and sleeping. Friday we took them to the vet for their first shots and to get dewormed. We knew we were going to keep 2 for us and 1 for his parents, and had to find homes for 3. So Saturday we took the three that needed homes to Evie's soccer game and found them homes. It ended up we knew the three families at least somewhat, and know for sure they were placed in great homes, and will be well loved couch dogs.

Our three are...

Lightning McQueen! Rena was chosen by the chubby male. The name doesn't fit him, the only time he runs is when he hears food hitting the bowl. He is laid back and rolly polly.

Laura! Here is Laura with our neigbor. Laura is Evie's dog. She is the alpha female, fiesty and high energy.

Mitzi! The darker beige puppy is Mitzi, who we are keeping for my inlaws. She is sweet and affectionate.

Here they are sleeping in the garage. They will be inside as soon as they are no longer pooping worms. They are very sweet puppies!


  1. Those are the most adorable little things . . . who doesn't love puppies?