Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Amy Butler's Sophia Carry All

I made a Sophia carry all to accompany my Weekedner bag! It was OK, I had a few issues with it, and ripped a few seams, but now feel comfortable with her bag patterns. I made both with uber clearance fabric ($1.50 a yard!) so maybe next time I will chose a bold flower print to make it look a little less cutesy. I do like the birds though...

I also tried my first headband...

It's a cute project for scraps, when I get a chance I'll post the tutorial!

And, of course, a puppy shot! They have claimed the wicker furniture in the sun room as their favorite chew toy...


  1. Why don't you keep the momma? There is nothing more loving than an older dog. She must feel very abandoned with her babies gone. I couldn't take the puppies without the momma too.

  2. SUPER cute bag, headband and pup!

  3. kathy - we found a home for the mom soon after this post. She needed a home with adults, and found it with a retired woman who is giving her the love she needs.