Friday, September 30, 2011

Bowties are Cool!

After last night's episode of Project Runway I grew to have a greater appreciation for Viktor Luna. At first I didn't like him. I thought he was a cold fish. But even though he is not BFF material, he is a great designer and a pretty cool guy. Super cool, because he wears bowties, and wears them well...

I will say it, Bowties are cool.  Very cool. Even the latest Doctor Who sports one!

Let's face it, the bowtie is back. It's not just for men named Orville anymore.

Here in the south, bowties have never gone out of style.  On any given Sunday, there are a few men at my church sporting seersucker suits with bowties. It's just classy. It just says Southern Gentleman.

Today I had to make a few bowties for Bubba. OK, so one big reason is I need a red one for his Halloween Costume. I also wanted a few others for my little southern gentleman. I found this tutorial from Prudent  Baby. There are a bunch out there, but I liked this best. I didn't use interfacing though, after the bows were sewn and pressed open, I sprayed them with stiff starch. 
I started with three double ties.
I raided my stash of fat quarters for these, and went for my vintage reproductions! Love how these turned out, so I had to try 2 or the single bows.
I think this last one is the one Bubba will wear to be the Doctor for Halloween!

I still have bowties on the brain! I have to finish the neckbands and will probably make a few more when I get a chance! Bowties make me happy!

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