Thursday, October 6, 2011

Make a TARDIS costume

We are doing a Doctor Who themed Halloween! I finished my costume today, I am the TARDIS. It cost about $12 to make and about 2 hours!

Joann Fabrics had classic Felt on sale for $2.99 a yard for the 72 inch wide classic felt, so I bought it there.

1 and a quarter yards of blue
1/2 yard black
1/2 yard white fabric
elmer's glue
fabric paint white
fabric marker black
scrap of white fabric, cut about 6 wide by 7 high

I found a bucket hat pattern online here. But since I was making it out of felt, I cut out 2 side pieces in white and the top in black. I also cut strip and wrapped it on itself to make the top bit. Sew the sides together, then the top on, then handstitch the knob on top.

Cut a strip of black fabric about 5 by 22 for the Police Box sign. Use white fabric paint to write on.Set aside and let dry. Cut the black fabric into 6 windows 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches. Then cut a few 3/4 inch strips. cut to size and add a 4 strips spaced equally to the hat going up and down, then one around the hat about at the center. Glue.

for the body, I measured from my shoulder to my ankle, which was about 48 inches. I laid the blue fabric on the floor and pinned up the long side and the top. I found center on the top and left a generous opening for my head, then 5 inches down on the side I left an arm opening about 16 inches long. I had to cut a matching arm slit on the other side.Turn so the seems are on the inside and press up the corners.

From the white, cut windows 8.5 wide by 10.5 high. add black strips. Glue and let dry a bit. Then write the the Free for Public Use saying on the little white scrap of cotton. I used cotton because the fabric markers do not work on felt, and it was hard to paint letters that small! glue to one of the windows. Then lay everything out
glue in place! You're done!


  1. So, I am not a very crafty person at all and my three year old son would love nothing more that to be the TARDIS for Halloween, even thought I would like him to be the Doctor, I was wonder if there is a way to make this for a smaller body.

  2. yes! just measure him and adjust the design. The hat should work for him! Surprised he doesn't want to be the Doctor!

  3. He wants me to be the Doctor, he is CRAZY about the TARDIS!!!!

  4. I really want to see this being worn.

  5. Sorry Sydney! I just saw your comment! I usually don't post pictures of myself because I am plus size! It worked well though!