Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why I love Lazy Girl Designs patterns

Sew today while the girls were in school I made a Claire bag. I like the pattern because it is fun to do, but usually make them for other people. It is a fun purse, a little bag with lots of pursonality.

But I added a twist this time. I used the instructions in the Margo bag pattern to add a zipper. It is a super easy technique, and Margo is a great pattern to try if you are afraid of zippers but want to try one.

Working on this project reminds me why I love Lazy Girl Design Patterns. First, I was able to complete the project in a few hours. The last bag I did, Amy Butlers Field tote, took me a few days. Second, she writes her instructions so those of us that are quilters can understand them. A lot of bag patterns are done for people who are used to garment construction. And the best thing about LGD patterns, is that with each one, you learn something new. I love Margo for Margo, but really love that I could take the zipper technique from Margo and use it in other patterns. I often use the LGD way to do inside pockets for any other bag I do. I can't live without lots of pockets anymore!


  1. Love your bag!!! Could not find an email to reply to you from my giveaway, but I do have you entered.

  2. thanks regina! you can find my email on the group page :)