Friday, August 27, 2010

Potty Training ideas

Well, I haven't talked about it here, but for those that know me, We had a really, really hard time potty training Serena, my youngest. I was spoiled, Evie potty trained herself before she turned 2, she hated the feel of a wet diaper, and when she realized that could be avoided by peeing in the potty, she chose to go on the potty. Rena was three and a half before we could even get her to sit on the potty. She actually liked the feel of a wet diaper, which made things difficult. When we tried to just put undies on her, she would just go, because she didn't mind the wet panties either, or the wet carpet, floor, couch, etc.

The *one* thing that got her to sit on the potty was the Potty Fairy. See, one day she recieved a special delivery from the Potty Fairy, that looked like this

It's a little plastic tub that fit on the back of the toilet, The box itself comes in many colors, it is made by Sterlite and is available at Target and Walmart. I like this style box because the sides lock. There were stickers to decorate the box, so she would feel it was "hers".

Inside the box were prizes! lots of little things, like lollipops, bonbelle makeup, and anything that was under $1 and would fit.

Of course, the box came with a letter from the Potty Fairy, that said...

Dear Serena:

This is your official invitation to become a POTTY PRINCESS! I hope you will join us! To be a POTTY PRINCESS, all you need to do is practice sitting on the Potty!

To Welcome you to our special group of POTTY PRINCESSES, I have sent you a special POTTY PRINCESS PACK to get you started.

First, decorate your box with the stickers enclosed, or if you have stickers you like at home, feel free to use them.

After the box is decorated, place it on top of your potty, or somewhere in your bathroom that is easy to find!

Each time you sit on the Potty, you can hold one of the items in the box!
If you pee or poop in the Potty, you get to open it and keep it! How exciting!

When you are all finished becoming a POTTY PRINCESS and are wearing big girl pants during the day, the box is yours to keep in your room! You will be an official POTTY PRINCESS!!!
I hope you will join us!

Hugs and Kisses,
The Potty Fairy

She was so fascinated with getting to go through the box, she actually started to sit on the potty, just to pick and hold something from the box. As time went on, she took delight in getting to keep the item she chose, so after a few weeks she got the hang of it. I wish I would have tried this method earlier!
A few tips if you try this : wrap the treasure box up and have it " delivered" (Kevin pretended to find our special delievery outside when he got home from work). let them open it and read the letter together. Let them decorate the treasure box, spend time with it and let their curiosity grow! Then reread the rules with them, and ask them if they want to try it then. Be in the bathroom with them, so they don't get frustrated and open the item! It is really hard at first to make them put the items back when they don't go, but it will pay off very soon.
Happy Parenting!

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  1. What a fantastic idea. I'll have to remember this when it's time for my granddaughter to become a Potty Princess! Thanks.