Saturday, August 21, 2010

Keep your eyes open....

I am a fabric addict. There, I admit it. I look for viable fabric everywhere, anything pretty and vibrant that I might be able to use. That is why, at least once a week, I hit a few local Goodwills and other thrift stores. I hit the home section first. I look through sheets and curtains, table clothes and bedspeads. Then I hit mens ties. Sometimes I can use them for purse straps. or open them up for the fabric. Then I hit ladies scarves. Last week, I found 2 great pieces in ladies scarves.

Not many people even bother with the scarves in a thrift store. Not many people wear scarves anymore, and most of what is there are thin shiny polyester numbers with big florals, or holiday prints. Once I found a handwoven long scarf, that was made of beautiful hand dyed wool. It was purples blues and greens. But last week, I hit the motherload.

Fran├žoise Heron Timbalier in blue

Laurence Bourthoumieux Tropiques

These are the two scarves I found, but on different days. The first one I found was the Timbalier.  I was sorting through the scarves and saw the bright blue border. Then I touched it, a thick silk twill. I rubbed it between my fingers to test, and it was real silk. So I bought it. At home I noticed the Hermes symbol on the scarf, but didn't think it was real because the design name wasn't on the scarf, but all the other telltall signs of a real Hermes was there, the hem, delicately rolled to the front, handstitched in perfect matching color. the car label, the color saturation. By the end of the night with help and a lot of research, I had the scarf authenticated. Two days later, I went back to the same Goodwill and took another look at the scarves, and there was my second Hermes in a week, the Tropiques. This one isn't as desired as the Timbalier, but it is really pretty.

Being thrifty always pays off! Keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you will find at your local thrift store!


  1. Wow, not only are they a bargain, but the are stunning! Good thing you went back and got the second one. What lucky finds.

  2. Thanks :)I feel lucky I found them,and just to be able to see that calibre of craftmanship... the scarves amaze me.