Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Weighted Blanket Project

I wish I could convince myself to blog half as much as I sew! I have been super busy since January but haven't taken the time to write about anything. The first big project is I was able to sucker, I mean convince some ladies from my quilt guild into making weighted blankets to donate to area children. We have a sew in about every three months, and at our end of February Sew in, Henry Bailey with The Commercial Appeal stopped by and wrote a nice article that ran in the Subday paper, was picked up by The AP and ran in papers across the country, including The Washington Times.

How cool is that? We have been able to keep going because of donations from area churches and people. We have given over 100 blankets and lap pads to area children. We have also received letters from people all over the country who have seen Henry's article! They have asked how to start a group in their area, so I hope to hear that other groups are starting up all over.

Quilters have big hearts. I know this. Every guild I have been apart of has had three or four charities they adopt and work with. They use their talents to bring comfort and warmth to those in need, and I am so glad to be a part of The Weighted Blanket Project. As a mom of The Amazing AspieGirl, I know how much these blankets mean to both the children and the families. Thanks again ladies! See you all on Monday for our next Sew In! 

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