Saturday, May 17, 2014

Como, Mississippi

Yesterday we went to Como for an evening out to celebrate my 40th birthday. I know, we are so close to a hot spot like Memphis, why chose to travel farther south to Como?

The Como Steakhouse of Course! Well, that and the town of Como is charming. One of the things I love about Mississippi is that every town has a story. Several in fact. If you find yourself traveling through Mississippi, especially a meandering road trip (which I think everyone needs to do), find Como and stop for a spell. Meet some locals. Have the best steak of your life. I am not kidding. The sides at Como Steak House are nothing spectacular. But the meat is the most amazing steaks you will ever eat. Ever.


The town itself is small.After you exit from 55 you take what looks like it should be the main road to town, but Main Street itself is a little turn off right by the railroad tracks. I love architecture of Main Street.

Even the former City Hall Building has been left to grace Main Street.

There are three Blues Trail Markers in Como, but I will let you discover them for yourself.

When you are done eating and seeing what is town, take a drive around the area and check out some of the older homes. Gorgeous.

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