Thursday, March 29, 2012

Clothes for a little southern gentleman

One big difference I have noticed living down here is that parents take care in dressing their children (and themselves). A lot of what is typical southern would be considered too cutesy farther north, where moms would chose keens over mary janes, and headbands over hairbows. I have to admit, I love a lot of what is considered cutesy in children's clothes. I love smocking. I had never really seen it until we moved here, and I have dedicated HOURS of my life learning how to smock, and more productive hours shopping the consignment stores for smocked outfits! 

I have noticed some of  the other little southern gentlemen wearing outfits with their name embroidered on them, or a cute matching applique on the front. I started shopping around for them, and came to realize these adorable outfits start at about $35! Simple pants and a top! Sew.....

 I decided to make a few new outfits for Bubba. This one is my favorite, he wore it today! It was really hard getting the polo shirt in the embroidery hoop, but well worth it! The other outfits I chose tanks to go with, since it gets so hot here!

I even started to make bucket hats to match each one! Not that a toddler will keep a hat on his head!

. I found a free pant pattern online, along with the bucket hat pattern. All the fabric came from the scrap bin at Joann Fabrics. The shirts were from Walmart. It was hard to embroider  on the polo shirt, but I love how it came out! We went out today and I had a few moms ask where I found his outfit. I spent a grand total of about $15 and 3 hours of work for all three outfits!

I think I am going to make him a few john johns next!


  1. I live in Missouri and have never even heard of Keens!

    Love the outfits. My kids would flip over the monkey fabric. :)

  2. Joann fabrics! They have a few really cute monkey designs now!

    I love Keens. The girls get a new pair every summer, they are great if you do a lot of walking and hiking!