Thursday, November 10, 2011

Make a pin cushion cup thingy!!!

I made this pin cushion cup thingy this weekend, it was really easy! First, I found a container...

measured the height

Then around. It was 4.5 inches hight by 12.5 inches around. I cut a piece of heavy fusable interfacing the same size and fused it.

So I cut the interior piece 13 bt 5. I took the lid and added 1/4 inch around for the bottom for the interior bottom...

again, I used heavy interfacing. I assembled these pieces by making the tube, then attaching the bottom. Then I took my measurements from the cup and came up with the "ball" piece pattern. I knew I would have 8 pieces, so 12.5/8 = 1.5 plus .5 for seams, so the TOP has to be 2 inches wide. I wanted the ball to be really fat, so I wanted the center about twice that, and so it would be nice and cushiony it had to be about twice the height. I came up with this piece...

I curved the top edge and cut it on the fold. Cut 8 of these. Then cut fusible interfacing and fuse to pieces. Seem them together like you would a ball, leaving 2 openings to stuff

Now you should have 2 pieces

Pin together and sew!

Then invert and add to your container...

Cut another circle using the lid with about 1/2 inch extra to turn in to seam. press the seam allowance.

I stuffed a little bit from the bottom, then hand stitch the bottom piece on, stuff from the openings to get the shape and density you want, then handstitch those closed, and there you go!

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