Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Wearing

Happy New Year! We are waiting for baby boy's arrival and getting the new year started here. Since I lent out all my baby stuff, I have been searching and sewing for this little one. This week's projects so far have been a ring sling and a mei tai! I made the mei tai from a McCalls Craft pattern

I like it, I usually use a mei tai after they are a few months old. This one was really easy to sew up, and the fabric about $2 a yard at Hancock's.

The ring sling is from the $1 a yard bin at Hancocks. I ordered the rings from etsy, but they seem a bit heavy. I might undo this and order nylon rings if it proves to be too much weight. I usually use the ring sling at the begining, until they can hold their head up.

Other plus size moms who sew had told me to do the hot dog fold because it is more comfortable.

I have a few things cut out for this week if I get a chance, I have to get the sewing room in some kind of order before Saturday when my mom gets here to help with Bubba. Hopefully he at least waits until Sunday to make an appearance!


  1. Those are lovely slings! What is the "hotdog" fold? My step daughter is expecting and maybe it would be something I could make for her as she is a plus sized gal? Good luck on the hold out til Sunday ! My babies were early birds!!!

  2. thanks! The hot dog fold is here

    I prefer the ring sling to start, then the mai tei after a few months. I just posted some new projects today with links to the free patterns!