Thursday, June 3, 2010

Talkin' South

For those Northerners that come down South: Don't get offended when a Southerner invites you to their house to smoke a butt. They are not offering you and your family illicit substances. To "smoke a butt" means to make bbq. They cook what is called a "Boston Butt", or pig shoulder, in a smoker for a day or so and when it falls off the bone, smother it in bbq sauce and that is bbq. It is very tasty, especially for a Pittburgher to whom bbq meant Isaly chipped ham in the crock pot with Hienz barbeque sauce. No one else calls the shoulder meat a butt either, I asked my friend Nicole (being the highest athority on Boston, her family has been there for generations) and there are no Boston Butts in Boston -- unless you count the Bruins.

Another phrase I found out about yesterday was "Bless your heart". It is the southern version of the term "what are you, stupid?" I found this out after a woman at the pool came over to her friends that were next to me, told them her story of woe, to which they kept saying, "why bless your heart". When the tale of woe lady left, her friends rehashed the story and couldn't get over how she delt with everything in the totally wrong way.

I also heard the expression "5 pound bag of sugar" for sweet. I like that one.

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  1. These tickle me! Have you heard you're a mess?