Thursday, June 17, 2010

autism awareness table cover

A few weeks ago there was an "accident" and our table was ripped. This is just a little play table, so I wasn't too concerned, but I had just gotten it and wanted to at least keep it nice for a while. My girls had a friend over, and the friend got mad at something and just took it out on our table!

yeah, pretty bad. I was mighty mad. I do some reupholstery, and knew this would be pretty  basic. Since the set is colorful, I decided to use what I had left of my autism awarness fabric to cover the table and chair she ripped (yeah, she went after a chair too).

I *love* the way the table came out. It looks 100 times better than before. I also used a medium gage plastic over the fabric so I can just wipe it down when dirty.

Here is the chair. I aslo did another chair. There are 4 chairs in the set, so eventually I will have them all covered, but for now I just did the damaged ones!


  1. That is amazing. What a great job you did. I've always said my mom is the slip cover queen, but she may just have been "dethroned."

  2. That turned out great. I have to ask though, did the mom of the child at least apologize? I've had kids destroy stuff at my house with their parents there and the parents don't say a thing to them ~ or to me. Makes me crazy!