Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mississippi Living

One thing I love about living in Northern Mississippi is we are a short drive from a bunch of cute towns. I wrote a few months about Como, one of my husband's favorite places to go for a date night. I need to write about the town we chose to live in, but because it is where we live I have found that I don't take too many photos when out and about!

Outside of the world of sewing and motherhood, I do have a job. I work at the county's history museum! I do education programs in schools, on site and at historic sites around the county.

Museum Director Brian Hicks and I at the Wesson House in Olive Branch for a school program
I have a really cool job. I love what I do. It has also helped me learn all about DeSoto County, I live in Hernando, which is the county seat. It is a beautiful southern town, with a courthouse and square, full of wonderful shops and restaurants. The other Old Town area in our county is Olive Branch. Olive Branch is a small town (before being incorporated as a town it was simply known as Cow Pen) in the North East corner of the county, bordering Memphis. Downtown Olive Branch can transport you back in time, since the buildings have not much changed, and there are several little gems I love to visit when I am up that way.  

Right on the town square they have a Stoop for concerts. 

Olive Branch has a really active Arts Community!

The Wesson House, built by the first Mayor of Olive Branch

Often I am there for the day, so I have an actual Olive Branch ritual. 

Olive Branch, MS Downtown

It starts before I need to be at the event with a trips to Pinks

Pink's in Olive Branch

You have to love a local coffee shop! She makes these amazing Rolo Frappe drinks that is coffee and sugar to get you through any kind of day!

Rolo Frappe

Then it is off to what I need to do, usually a meeting. If I get to chose where we go for lunch, it's to Evans. 

Evan's Cafe 

Evan's is a buffet of Southern Delights. Yes, there is a lot of fried foods, and yes, it is delicious. It is hard to stay awake for the rest of the afternoon, so we usually swing by the Old Towne Bakery across the street for amazing cookies and pastries. 

Old Towne Bakery

Fair warning, they only accept cash. I have made the mistake a few times of not having cash on my and missing out on cookies. :( 

Mississippi is full of wonderful towns like Olive Branch to explore! If you find yourself in Memphis and looking for a little rest from the city, come down to DeSoto County for a visit!

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