Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas hats!

Sew December is always crazy! I have been mostly working with Evie on sewing, so my things have gone on the back burner. I did make a few hats for presents, and did these for my cousins....

I wanted to see if I could embroider on fleece. Not to hard, but just like applique on fleece, you have to use a bit of stabalizer. I also used a 90/14 needle. Hope they like them!

I realized I didn't post anything about my My Little Pony Hats.
This is the one that came out nice. It took me a few tries to applique fleece. I found I had to use 2 layers of stabalizer and  not forget the wonder under!

I also had to make Vasili a stocking this year, I chose rocketships!

Evie helped me make the tree skirt. She is loving sewing. We are currently working on a quilt.

Happy Sewing!!!

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